Wagner Juice Full Story - Max VG

Yes, we have really made an E-Liquid Range for X-Factor Legend Wagner!

So, just how did this insanity come about?

We worked with Wagner a few months back on some promotional work for one of our other projects, and introduced him to the idea of vaping.

Fast forward a couple months, and Wagner messaged us letting us know he had quit smoking due to Vaping, This was around time of the MaxVG launch so we had him announce the winner of one of our giveaways and it kind of went from there.

We jokingly suggested he could have his own E-Liquid range, not long after, we realized it was quite easily possible, so one thing lead to another and we spent a couple days with Wagner working on ideas and flavour, it became pretty clear that Wagner much preferred dessert vapes to anything else, so that’s what we’ve gone with.

We have a few more to come but for now we’ve launched with 4 flavours –

Wildcard, Love Shack, The X Factor and Bongos

Click here to see the Full Range

Wagner had lots of input on the creation of this range of E-liquids, its really not just been a case of throwing his face on a bottle!

For more on Wagner and if you want to order a personalized video message from him, Check out his facebook page!

– The VapeMail/MaxVG team

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